Working Software vs. Comprehensive Documentation — BDD Makes the Save

  • a client and a team to get on the same page about the requirements and functionality of a project;
  • a team to better understand the project and give accurate estimate of implementation;
  • a team not to lose a tiny detail, which is important for a client or a project;
  • a QA team with manual functional and regression testing;
  • everyone, when scenarios are automated, because it saves a lot of time and money and gives a certainty in quality of the result;
  • a client, who gets not only the source code, but a source code with live documentation.
  1. It all starts with the understanding of TDD philosophy: in order to make something right, you shouldn’t start making it ASAP, but think of how you will make sure you did right things.
  2. It carries on with the understanding of value and importance of BDD as a process of communication of the entire team. Without specification by example, everyone in the team can get the requirement in their own way.
  3. And finally, it ends with understanding that without written acceptance criteria by ATDD it’s not possible to get the result accepted and make sure it is a quality one.
  • making a glossary for scenarios;
  • making template scenarios, widely spread among various projects;
  • cross-platform tools for automation;
  • education sessions for those teammates, who have never created scenarios before.



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